A La Carte

A La Carte


Soup of the day with crusty bread

Prawn cocktail
Fresh prawns, iceberg lettuce, Marie rose sauce

Home-made chicken and pork liver paté
Paté served with toasted ciabatta croutons, caramelised onion and wild rocket

Breaded mozzarella sticks
Deep fried mozzarella, sweet chilli dip and mixed leaves

Grilled asparagus, poached duck egg and hollandaise sauce

Chorizo and hallumi
Chorizo and hallumi with a bed of mixed leaves

Avocado and prawn salad
Avocado purée, mixed leaves and fresh prawns

Mini Meze Platter
Humus, tzatziki, marinated olives and pitta

Peri peri king prawns
King prawns cooked with peri peri sauce and mixed leaves

Spicy meatballs in a chilli tomato sauce


Main Courses

Cajun Chicken
Butterfly cajun chicken breast with sautéed new potato and creamy garlic mushroom sauce

Lamb Shank
Slow braised lamb shank over mashed potato and served with seasonal vegetables

Sea bass and King Prawn
Pan seared sea bass and king prawns with sautéed new potato and white wine cream sauce

Risotto al funghi e asparagi
Arborio rice, Chardonnay and wild mushroom, asparagus and parmesan

Risotto Gamberi
Fresh prawns and arborio rice, Chardonnay and parmesan

Risotto Zuccini
Arborio rice, Chardonnay and parmesan

Penne Arrabiatta
Penne pasta with Arrabiatta sauce

Penne Polpette
Penne pasta with meatballs and chilli tomato sauce

Steak of the Week – ask for availability 

Sirloin 8oz British

Ribeye 8oz British

Fillet 8oz British

T-bone Steak 16oz British
All steaks served with chunky chips, grilled tomato and portobello mushroom

For Surf and Turf an additional supplement applies

+ Peppercorn or Garlic Mushroom sauce

Supplement to swap with sweet potato fries

Side Orders

Chunky chips  
Side salad 
Mixed Vegetables 
Garlic Bread/Cheese Garlic bread 


Cheese cake of the week
Please ask your server available cheese cake

Home-made Sticky Toffee Pudding
Served with cream or Ice cream

Wray & Nephew Crème Brûlée
Flamed with over proof Rom

Chocolate Brownie 
Home Made Brownie served with cream or ice cream.

Fresh Fruit Salad 
Served with Ice Cream or Cream.

Cheese Board 
3 type of cheeses with biscuits, celery, grapes and caramelised onion chutney.

Selection of Ice Cream
Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate.

If you have any allergies or intolerances please let your server know.

All menus are subject to change without notice.


Mid Week

Single course – £11.95  2 Courses £14.95 



Soup of the day served with crusty bread and butter V

Mini Meze Platter
Hummus, taramasalata, tzatziki, olives and crusty bread.

Chicken Liver Pate
served with caramelised onion and crusty bread.

Scampi and mixed leaves with tartar sauce.

Hallumi V
Breaded deep fried Cypriot hallumi with mixed leaves and sweet chilli.

Breaded calamari rings with tartar sauce and mixed leaves.

Sucuk “Sujuk”
Grilled spicy turkish sausage with poached egg and crusty bread.

Prawn Cocktail
Served with classic way iceberg and Neil’s Mary Rose sauce.

Main Courses

Cajun Chicken gf
Grilled butterfly chicken breast with salad and chips gf.

Risotto ai Funghi e Spinachi gf V
wild mushroom, baby spinach cooked with arborio rice and chardonnay.

Beef Burger
8 oz beef burger with brioche bun with red onion, tomato and salad with chips.
Add Stilton or smoked cheddar for £1.50.

Cajun Chicken Burger
Chicken breast with red onion, tomato and salad chips.
Add Parma ham for £1.50.

Veggie Burger
Portobello mushroom with goat cheese tomato, red onion served with chips.

Calamari and Scampi
Deep fried served with tartar and mixed leaves.

Pan fried fillet crushed new potatoes, sauce vierge and broccoli.

Rump of Lamb
Pan seared, oven roasted with mash,carrot and broccoli supplement of £5.00.

Linguini or Penne Pasta
With a choice of napolitana, arrabiatta, carbonara or chicken pesto.

Chicken Ceaser Salad

Chicken and Chorizo Risotto
Steak ciabatta with fried onion and chips.


Cheese cake of the week- £5.95
Please ask your server available cheese cake

Home-made Sticky Toffee Puding- £6.95
Served with cream or Ice cream

Wray & Nephew Crème Brule – £6.50
Flamed with over proof Rom

Chocolate Brownie – £5.95
Home Made Brownie served with cream or ice cream.

Fresh Fruit Salad – £6.50
Served with Ice Cream or Cream.

Selection of Ice Cream – £4.95
Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate.

If you have any allergies or intolerances please let your server know.

All menus/offers are subject to change without notice.

Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or A La Carte menu.


Sunday Menu

2 courses £14.95 – 3 courses £17.95


Soup of the day V

Ciabatta, humus, olives,olive oil balsamic platter

Prawn Cocktail
Fresh prawns, iceberg lettuce, cherry tomato, gherkin, baby pickled onion.

Chicken and Pork Liver Pate
Served with caramelized red onion and toasted ciabatta.

Bruschetta Pomo d`oro V
Diced tomato, red onion, basil marinated in extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar served over a toasted garlic ciabatta.

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
With Fine Ratatouille and goat`s cheese

Brie in Carrozza V
Deep fried breaded Brie wedges served with cranberry sauce.

Main Courses

Roast Beef or Chicken With roast potato, Yorkshire pudding, seasonal vegetable and gravy

Rump of Lamb or Lamb Shank With all the trimmings

Wild Mushroom and Spinach risotto Arboiro rice cooked with chardonnay, cream, wild mushroom and baby spinach

Beef Burger  6oz Gourmet burger, with briouche bun tomato, red onion and lettuce and chips

Veggi Burger Briouche bun, portobello mushroom, goat`s cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion with chips


Luxury Chocolate Fudge Cake
With cream or ice cream.

Panna cotta gf V
With Summerfruit coulis

Cheesecake of the day

Chocolate Brownie gf

Fresh Fruit Salad

Cheese Board £7.95
3 types of cheeses, celery, apple, grapes and caramelised onion chutney.

Liqueur Coffees – £5.95

Food Allergies & Intolerances

If you have any allergies or intolerances please let your server know.

All menus/offers are subject to change without notice.

Coffee, Tea & Liqueurs

Coffee, Tea & Liqueurs

Coffee & Tea

Espresso – Single £2.10 – Double – £2.40

Café Latte – Macchiato – Cappuccino – Mocca – £2.40

Filter Coffee – Americano – £2.10

English Breakfast – Pot for one – £2.10

Fruit & Herbal Teas – £2.10

Ask your server for availability

Liqueur Coffees

Irish(Whiskey) – Calipso(Tia Maria) – Italian(Amaretto) French(Cognac) – Mexican(Kahlua) – Jamaican(Rum)
£ 5. 95





Tia Maria 



Harveys Bristol Cream

Food Allergies & Intolerances

If you have any allergies or intolerances please let your server know.

All menus are subject to change without notice.


Bar Menu

Rum Based

Cuban rum, fresh mint leaves, simple syrup, fresh lime and finished with soda water.

Flavours mojito 
Strawberry, raspberry, lemon, chocolate orange.

Cuban rum with fresh lime and simple syrup.

Frozen fruity daiquiris 
Strawberry, peach, mango

Pina colada 
Koko kanu, whole milk and pineapple juice.
Banana colada or strawberry coladas also available.

Mai tai 
Dark, light, gold rum, triple sec, orgeat, apricot brandy, lime and sugar topped with over proof rum.

Dark and stormy 
Dark/spiced rum mixed with ginger beer and lime.

Mary pickford 
Rum, marachino, pineapple, grenadine.

Gin Based

Gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, crème de mure.

Tom collins 
Gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, soda water.

White lady 
Gin, cointreau, fresh lemon juice and egg white pink lady, blue lady also available ask your bartender.

Orange/elderflower blossom 
Gin, st. germain orange juice.

Gin, lemon juice, marachino, crème de violette.

Vodka Based

Citron vodka, cointreau, lime and cranberry juices.

French martini 
vodka, chambord, pineapple juice.

Woo woo 
Vodka, archers, cranberry juice and fresh lime.

Bloody Mary
Vodka, tomato, lemon, worcester, tabasco, celery salt.

Vodka martini 
Vodka, dry vermouth.

Harvey wallbanger 
Vodka, orange juice, galliano.

Pornstar martini 
Vanilla vodka, passoa, passion fruit puree, bubbly.

Espresso martini 
Vanilla vodka, kahlua, espresso and sugar.

Chocolate martini 
Vodka, crème de cacao, chocolate and cream.

Long island ice tea 
Vodka, gin, rum, tequila, triple sec, lemon juice, coke long beach ice tea, japanese ice tea, electric ice tea, tennessee ice tea also available.

Tequila Based

Tequila, cointreau,fresh lemon juice and agave syrup.
Frozen fruity versions also available: strawberry, blue margaritas.

Tequila sunrise 
Tequila, orange juice and grenadine.

Whisky Based

Old fashioned 
bourbon, brown sugar, bitters, touch of water.

Bourbon, rosso vermouth, angosturas bitters.

Whiskey sour 
Bourbon, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white.

Lynchburg lemonade 
Bourbon, cointreau, lemon/orange, lemonade.

Scotch whisky and amaretto.

Blood & sand 
Scotch, rosso vermouth, orange juice cherry brandy.

Cognac and Liqueur Based

Brandy alexander 
Cognac, crème de cacao white, cream, nutmeg.

Crème de cacao white, creme de mint green and cream.

Brandy crusta 
Brandy, triple sec, marachino, lemon, sugar, angosturas.

Amaretto sour 
Amaretto, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup, egg white.

Midori sour 
Midori, lemon and orange juices, simple syrup.


Amaretto cherry sour 
Amaretto, sour cherry juice, fresh lime.

Koko choco 
Koko kanu, crème de cacao white, frangelico, cream.

Champagne Cocktails

White peach purée, peach schnapps, prosecco.

Kir royal 
Creme de cassis, prosecco.

Champagne cocktail 
Brown sugar cube, angostura bitter, cognac, prosecco.

Food Allergies & Intolerances

Should you have concerns about a food allergy or intolerance please speak to our staff before you order your food or drink.

All menus are subject to change without notice.

Wines & Champagnes

Wines & Champagnes

White Wine

1. Crusan Colombard-Sauvignon Blanc, 3.75 (175mm) 4.95 (250mm) 13.95 (Bottle)
Côtes de Gascogne, France
b The freshness of this aromatic, fruity wine is preserved by cool temperatures.

2. Cullinan View Chenin Blanc, Western Cape 3.95 (175mm) 5.25 (250mm) 14.95 (Bottle)
South Africa
c Deliciously fresh and creamy with peachy fruit character. A classic South African style.

3. Berri Estates Unoaked Chardonnay, SE Australia 15.95
c A crisp style with a fresh, yet ripe lemon character with no oak-ageing.

4. Da Luca Pinot Grigio, Terre Siciliane, Italy 4.95 (175mm) 5.95 (250mm) 16.95 (Bottle)
a Aromas of white flowers, pink grapefruit and Cox’s apple: the palate displays melon and a guava.

5. Waipara Hills Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough 24.00
New Zealand
b Generous and lifted, showing powerful aromas of nettle and snow pea: the palate bursts with fresh citrus, grapefruit and melon notes.

6. Paco & Lola Albariño, Rías Baixas, Spain 24.95 
a Expressive nose of green apples, pear and lemons, with hints of herbs and flower blossom: clean

Rose Wine

7. Whispering Hills White Zinfandel, USA 3.75 (175mm) 4.95 (250mm) 13.95 (Bottle)
o Loads of fresh summer-fruit flavours and lively acidity. Medium-bodied
to appeal to most palates, California’s own Zinfandel.

8. Parini Pinot Grigio Rosé delle Venezie, Italy 4.95 (175mm) 5.95 (250mm) 14.95 (Bottle)
i Soft, coppery-pink rosé: delicate and fruity bouquet: soft and fresh on the palate.

Red Wine

9. Crusan Carignan-Syrah, Coteaux de Fontcaude 3.75 (175mm) 4.95 (250mm) 13.95 (Bottle)
f A blend of Carignan and Syrah producing a rich spicy wine with good fruit concentration and a soft, fruity finish.

10. Cullinan View Shiraz, Western Cape, South Africa 3.95 (175mm) 5.25 (250mm) 14.95 (Bottle)
g A deep-coloured wine with an excellent Syrah peppery character. The palate is full and generous with rich, velvety tannins and warm toasty-oak on the finish.

11. Berri Estates Merlot, SE Australia 15.95
f Several specially selected vineyards provide a delicious combination of raspberries, blueberries and soft plum characters.

12. Robert Mondavi Twin Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon, 17.95
California, USA
f The long, dry and very hot late summers allow lovely flavours to develop. Vibrant redcurrants and a spiced oak balance.

13. Luis Felipe Edwards Gran Reserva Malbec, 18.95
Colchagua Valley, Chile
g Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and forest fruits with elegant notes of vanilla spice.

14. Marqués de Morano Rioja Reserva, Spain 21.95
f Matured raspberry and cherry fruit with hints of vanilla spice on the lingering, velvety finish.

Sparkling Wine & Champagne

15. Galanti Prosecco Extra Dry, Italy 6.00 (125mm)  19.95 (Bottle)
l Fine, persistent, soft fizz surrounds a fruit spectrum of apple, pear with a hint of peach.

16. Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial, France 65.00
l A well known blend of older reserves with young wines to ensure a consistency of this flowery aroma and warm biscuit hints.

17. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut, France 65.00
l Reflecting the traditions of the past, this is full, yet dry and has a rich, creamy style with biscuity flavours.

18. Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut, France 85.00
l The briefest liaison with grape skins tantalisingly leaves this delicate.

All menus and prices are subject to change without notice.